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Sadly, Peterborough has been named the worst place to live in Britain for the second year in a row, a new study has found. Cathedral Precinct is home to many of Peterborough's tourist attractions, according to the City Tourist Information Centre (TIC), which is based in the area between Cowgate and Bridge Street. Although it is one of the oldest cities in the UK, with top attractions including a historic cathedral and a sprawling park, many disgruntled residents have described it as a dry and run-down area.

In Peterborough, the Oundle Road Railway Museum also has an admirable sustainability theme, exploring how to improve future rail transport and the subsequent pollution. The prehistory is particularly good, which includes a time when Peterboro was covered by a deep ocean - with a very atmospheric design and galleries. There is plenty to see at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery in Priestgate, where local treasures range from fossils and sculptures to Iron Age and Roman artifacts.

It is possible to avoid a tour of the Peterborough Museum, due to the 654 displays that date back to the past, but it is worth a visit to make it spooky and not to be missed. The museum is run by the Priestgate Vaults and is worth a visit because it is spooky and unmissable, with a collection of over 2,000 objects.

How to get there: There are several buses at Peterborough Station which take you to the adventure playground in about 15 minutes. At the airport, you can catch a bus or taxi to take you back to your hotel for a refreshing dip before exploring the magnificent city of Peterborough. Book a stay at the Park Inn at the Radisson Peterboro and you'll be in a great place to stay.

In the centre of Peterborough is Nene Park, a meadow where you can rent a boat and windsurf or swim. If you want to make a day out of it, the trampoline park is just around the corner, with a variety of activities for children and adults, as well as a children's playground.

If you feel like staying in the city itself, Peterborough Central Park is a great place to soak up the rays of the sun on a long summer afternoon, and there is even a lawn for lawn tennis. Head to Edward MacDowell Lake in West Peterboro, where there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, swimming and hiking while enjoying a day under the sun.

Getting there: Just outside Peterborough there are plenty of paths for children and dogs to roam around on. The trail starts at the corner of St. John's Road and North Street in the city centre, but the path to the park is just a few hundred metres away.

The settlement of Peterborough and the Kawartha Lakes area began in the 19th century with the arrival of immigrants from England, Ireland and Scotland. Historically it was part of Cambridgeshire, but in 1965 it was transferred to the former county of Huntingdon and Peterborough.

The village is just a few miles from Peterborough and is home to many small shops, including bakeries and butchers, and there are also many pubs and bars to choose from. Whether you're a Peterborough native or just looking to get somewhere new, there's something for everyone in the city.

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On the English Heritage website, you can search by county or postcode and find out which places have special facilities for you.

If you are a bird lover and want to learn more about birds and other wildlife, visit the Peterborough Field Naturalists' Club events and resources.

Shops, leisure facilities and outdoor attractions offer families, couples and visitors of all ages a wide range of activities for a fun and varied day. Whether you want to watch or join in, there is plenty to do for sports enthusiasts, and there are also plenty of activities for children. From adventure playgrounds to playground adventures to a host of sporting events, this is the place to read on to learn some of the best things about Peterborough and thank you later. Read on to learn more about the things you can do as a child in Peterborough with your parents, grandparents, siblings, friends or even your own children before you read on.

Cambridgeshire is home to many wonderful tourist attractions such as Peterborough, and fortunately the town is well located for a variety of day trips. For more information on the sights and activities in this city, visit the VisitPeterborough and Visit England websites. If you're planning a day trip to the Kawarthas or even a weekend visit to one of the many local attractions, here are the best things to do with your family, friends and family in the region. If you feel like exploring Peterboro and theawartha, stop by and stock up on fresh Ontario produce and goods at the local farmers market.

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More About Peterborough